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Atlas of the World's Most Unique Neighborhoods

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Conical Community

Trulli of Alberobello

Originating as rural outposts made of offcast materials, the densely settled Trulli of Alberobello charm modern visitors as an urban fairytale setting.

Güldem Üstün

Midcentury Mission

Usonia Wright Houses

Architectural acolytes of the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright banded together to establish a neighborhood based on communally living with nature.

Brian Milton 
Line up of Ocean Grove Tent Houses.

Spiritual Encampment

Ocean Grove Tent City

Seclusion along the Atlantic coast attracted a group of Methodists to establish a summer camp in the 19th century that is still occupied today.

Jazz Guy


Diaolou of Kaiping

Widespread unrest in the 1920s and 1930s, called the Warlord Era, led returning expat Chinese to build medieval inspired fortified towers or Diaolou.

Pablo Fernández
Line up of Bolwoningen houses.


Bolwoningen Sphere Houses

To solve the housing crisis after World War II Bolwoningen demonstrates a minimalist approach to domestic life that still stands as a futuristic reality today.

Steven Vance

Ritual Promontory

Ceremonial Village of Orongo

On a narrow ledge between ocean and volcano, the Ceremonial Village of Orongo presided over local rituals for the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island.

Alma Pilar Esteva
Series of Orongo stone huts.

Block Anomaly is a love letter to truly unique localities.

Celebrating regional identity in a narrowing world.

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